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Can the high-frequency switching power supply meet the 24-hour work?

Source : Yueyang Power Time : 2018-12-29

Q: Can the high-frequency switching power supply meet the 24-hour work?

A: Of course. Because our power devices are of German infineon, and the power of our devices is three times of the actual power. For example, the working current of the power supply is 50A, while the device we choose is 150A. Secondly, heat dissipation conditions. In order to reduce production costs, many companies in the market choose domestic AC fans for heat dissipation, while our company chooses imported DC high-light speed fans. The difference in air volume between the two is 3-5 times. Another point is that some manufacturers do not install a dedicated cooling air duct for power devices in order to save installation costs, but each of our switching power supplies will be installed. Only in this way to ensure the temperature of the device not exceed the rated range, the power supply can be stabilized for a long time work.

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